Magical Diary Wiki

Colour: White

Learned at: 15

Cost: 10 mana

Description: Expands the caster's mind to visualise nearby locations, marking them known.

Uses: Generally, this can be used to detect corridors or rooms behind walls, allowing you to peek what is on the other side with Farsight (Blue) or teleport to the other side (as a shortcut, or to access an otherwise inaccessible area) with Teleport Self (Blue).

Exam 2 - October 25th This combined with Teleport Self (Blue) allows you to cross the pit. Requires at least 30 magic/smart.

Exam 3 - December 2nd Will expose nearby map cells and reveal the exit if it is in one of them, but this only works if you're already near the exit. You can use either of the spells Breeze (Red) or Spirit Echoes (White) to home in on the correct spot before casting this.

Exam 4 - January 10th Allows you to teleport yourself past the Hodag using Teleport Self (Blue) or the Hodag into a closed room, preventing it from being able to get to you, using Teleport Other (Blue).