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Magical Diary takes place over the course of several months, from September 1st to May 1st. Each week you get to choose your schedule, and decide what you're going to do for each day. Some game events change if you take a certain class, and some are automatic. This list, though currently incomplete, is intended to contain each event in the game, along with the qualifications for it. If something seems to be missing, feel free to add it.

This is not the official guide and contains a number of errors - do not rely on this as absolute!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!


September 1st

First day, you get to chose whether or not you want to meet Virginia's brothers or stay and unpack in the room. If you do chose to meet her brothers you get to meet Donald and William, which slightly affects what the PC might think later on in the Initiation after party.

Week 1 (ISO 36)[]

September 2nd

Blue Magic: Results in a short scene with Ellen. "Something pretty" earns +5 cute, "Something interesting" earns +5 weird
Gym: Meet Damien/Scene with Virginia after class
Sleep: Scene with Virginia after class

September 3rd

Gym: Meet Damien (if you didn't the day before)/Scene with Virginia (if it hasn't already been triggered)
Sleep: Scene with Virginia (if it hasn't already been triggered)

September 4th

Gym: Meet Damien (If you haven't already) [his introduction about himself to you will change depending on your choice]

September 5th

Gym: Meet Damien (If you haven't already)

September 6th

Gym: Meet Damien (If you haven't already)
Sleep: Grabiner reprimands you for not attending class (only if you slept every day) -10 merit, grants "Truant" trophy. Choose "Bluff" for +5 weird
Automatic event with roommates (if you didn't chose to sleep through the entire week that is): Talking to Ellen limits options on the September 30th event
  • If you talk to Ellen and say everyone should keep their own space, you lose an Ellen point.
  • If you talk to Ellen and say Ellen should teach Virginia, you lose a Virginia point.
  • If you talk to Ellen and say Virginia should pay Ellen, you gain an Ellen point.
  • If you go looking for Virginia and accuse Ellen of stealing underwear, you gain 5 Weird points.
  • If you go looking for Virginia and choose any other option, you gain a Virginia point.

September 7th

If you ended up in detention, it happens now, you also gain 1 point in magic and 1 or 10 stress. Otherwise you can chose whether or not you want to go with Virginia out to the mall. If you do go out to the mall and chose to go to the arcade and play pinball you'll see Big Steve but won't be able to talk to him yet.

September 8th

You'll see Virginia talking to Pastel about the students coming in this year, and listen into a very confusing conversation.

Week 2 (ISO 37)[]

September 9th

Automatic Event: "Take his hand" grants access to Damien path, along with events on September 10th, 12th, 14th, and October 5th, along with additional dialogue on October 31st and November 1st. Refuse twice for +10 weird.
If instead, you chose to sleep through the first week and this day Potsdam shows up to expel you, netting you an unofficial ending and the expelled trophy.

September 10th

Automatic Event (if participating in the Initiation): "His voice is like butter" +5 cute, and unlocks a dialogue option for another +5 cute on October 5th, "his teeth are like knives" +5 weird.

September 11th

Green, Black, or White Magic: a short scene featuring Luke and Potsdam

September 12th

Red, Blue Magic: "Admit it" for -10 merit, leads to scene on the 13th. "Keep silent" upsets Ellen. Choices with Damien doesn't change much more than the dialogue.
Anything else: Scene with Ellen and Damien about the love letter.

September 13th

Automatic event (if you admitted to writing the letter): +20 merit
At the initiation party "Just have fun" results in -5 stress, if you choose to introduce Daimen to Virginia -5 stress, if to Ellen +5 stress (or -5 stress if Ellen was blamed but Damien apologised personally).
If you chose to skip the Initiation you get 2 smart points.

September 14th

Since the Initiation is finished you can now talk to Big Steve over at the pinballs in the arcade. He's not exactly verbose, but this unlocks another scene later on.
>If you want Big Steve's best ending, be sure to visit the Pastry Shop often, otherwise it will close.

September 15th

You now decide to write a letter to send home. Also, the PC decides to go outside, meets Damien and he rudely give you the brushoff.

Week 3 (ISO 38)[]

September 16th

Study (lasts until the end of the month): Scene with Ellen
Automatic event: Virginia will tell you about the club signups on Wednesday after school.

September 18th

A club fair occurs in the assembly room, and Virginia drags both you and Ellen to sign for her club. You can chose whether to tell Ellen that she shouldn't feel forced to join or just keep quiet.

September 20th

Result of the club signups will be posted by Virginia on your room wall.

September 21st

Mall: Food Court: Buy nothing: scene with Virginia, - 6 stress, possible -1 strength if you have already eaten and then split with her.
If you haven't gone to the mall once yet and choose to study, you'll get a scene with your roommates.

September 22nd

Scene with William. If you did Initiation, you can ask him about Damien or ask to practice with the ball; if you didn't do Initiation, you automatically practice with the ball.

Week 4 (ISO 39)[]

September 23rd

Ellen asks Virginia if she knows anything about the upcoming exam.
Gym: Success - Scene with Kyo, telling him to give cuddly presents nets you +5 cute points, telling him to give wind up toys gains you +5 weird points

September 24th

You wake up and hear Virginia sleep-talking.

September 26th

If you take any of Grabiner's classes he'll tell you about the study session. If not Ellen will invite you to it, and if you agree you gain an Ellen point. Attending will get you a point of Smart and +1 Stress.

September 27th

Before the exam, when Professor Potsdam comes to deliver your schedule, if you haven't taken at least one class of each magical subject, she will ask you to broaden your magical palette and give you the option of -10 demerits or detention.  Picking detention gives you +5 to Weird and causes you to skip the first dungeon.

First Exam
There are many outcomes based on what you pick and what your stats are.
  • Red Magic < 5 = Fail, 5 demerits.
  • Red Magic < 25 = Null result, neither merits nor demerits.
  • Red Magic >= 25 = You blow up the wall and escape, earning 5 merits.
  • Blue Magic < 5 = Fail, 5 demerits.
  • Blue Magic < 30 = Null result
  • Blue Magic >= 30 = You teleport yourself out (with a mild accident) and earn 10 merits.
  • Green Magic < 5 = If you have at least 25 Smart, you can explain yourself and get only 10 demerits. Otherwise you get 15 demerits. Either way you get detention.
  • Green Magic >= 5 = If you have at least 25 Smart, you can explain yourself and get only 5 demerits. Otherwise you get 10 demerits and detention.
  • White Magic < 5 = If you have at least 25 Smart, you can explain yourself and get only 5 demerits. Otherwise you get 10 demerits and detention.
  • White Magic >= 5 = If you have at least 25 Smart, you can explain yourself and get no demerits at all. Otherwise you get 5 demerits and detention.
  • Black Magic < 5 = Fail, 5 demerits
  • Black Magic < 25 = Null result
  • Black Magic >= 25 = You reshape the wall and escape, gaining 5 merits.

September 28th

If you have detention, it happens today. You're doing it with Donald, and although his punishment is worse than yours you still get +10 stress. If not and you decide to go to the mall's food court William will be there and treats you three to a giant cookie to celebrate your passing of your first exam and you lose 5 stress.

Week 5 (ISO 40)[]

September 30th

Choose to sleep or study and you get a scene when Donald is leaving a 'gitft' on the doorstep. You can tell him to take it away. If you ask him why he's doing this, then IF back on Sept 6 you had Ellen teach Virginia to clean, you can tell Donald that Virginia's getting better - This earns a Donald point, and he takes the box away. Otherwise, if you let him leave the box or give him a better idea, you earn a Donald point. After this, Virginia returns to the room.
  • Leave The Box -> Don't Open That = She doesn't open it. As long as your Virginia score wasn't negative, you gain a Virginia point. Otherwise you realist she doesn't entirely trust you.
  • Leave The Box -> Say Nothing = She opens the box and you laugh. Lose a Virginia point, plus consequences later.
  • Better Idea -> Don't Open That = If your Virginia score is not negative, you explain the double-cross and get 5 weird points. She doesn't open the box. If your score is negative, she opens the box anyway and you laugh. Lose a Virginia point.
  • Better Idea -> Say Nothing = She opens the box, but doesn't get mad at you.


October 1

After today, if you've take Potsdam's Green magic class and have already learned the Heal spell she'll talk to you about sexuality, magic and pronouns.

October 2

If you chose to help Donald with his prank he'll tell you about Professor Potsdam wanting to move some of the flowers around outside in the garden for +10 merits and +4 stress.

October 4

You make a choice between running for President or Treasurer or not to run at all if you have 0 or more merits.

October 5

An apple festival occurs, and someone leaves a box in front of your room. You can chose to open it, or throw it away. If you open it you can eat it yourself, share it with your friends or throw it away. Your choice changes your dialogue with Daimen in a later date.
If you have already met Big Steve at the mall you can talk to him again today to unlock later options regarding the rabbit and his path. This event is critical to unlocking the bonus route.

Week 6 (ISO 41)[]

October 7

You speak with either William or Professor Grabiner, your choice, and depending on your choice you either to chose the type of campaign you'll be running or William will have it all written out for you, being a "Dependable Draft Horse" that Ellen would have been if you chose not to run.
October 8[]
If neither you or Ellen are running for a position in the school elections, Minnie will introduce herself to you and try to win your vote.
If you chose Grabiner as your campaign manager. Virginia will ask you if if you have a crush on him. +5 Weird if you say 'Maybe. So what?' 

October 10

If you chose to have gym class Kyo will speak to you about getting a girl to notice him. The choice doesn't seem to make much of a difference other than the type of involvement you'll have in his romantic escapades. (this may not occur if you're running for president)

October 12

This is either your first day as the secretary or you'll wake up to the noise of Ellen sneaking off for her Treasurer duties at 5 in the morning. You will get +10 merits from Potsdam if you ran for President as Lady Lampshade Head or gave out free hugs. If you chose any mean options during your speech you won't, but if you chose all mean options she decides that you were joking and nevertheless gives you +10 merits.

October 13

First day of Sports Club, and Jacob comes by to play. He's a little ticked about Virginia's no magic rule, and you can either chose to side with him or with Virginia.

Week 7 (ISO 42)[]

October 14

If you go to gym. Scene with Virginia about magic and 'choice'.

October 19

Minnie will come by and tell you that if you want to study she'll be available at the library to help you with your schoolwork. You can chose to go to the mall or take her up on her offer.

Week 8 (ISO 43)[]

October 25

Second exam for the first semester.

October 26

Go to the mall to help Virginia pick out a gift for Donald. If you want +5 cute points tell her to buy a toy, if you want +5 weird points, choose banana.

October 27

If you chose to become a Treasurer Minnie will find you to ask for you to sign some papers for funds to run the upcoming Dark Dance.

Week 9 (ISO 44)[]

October 29

Mandatory scene about Virginia giving Donald his gift. The only difference is when you help her pick she tells him so and the gift itself.

October 30

Scene with Ellen about the upcoming Dark Dance. If you blew off Initiation you talk about the possibility of asking someone to the dance; otherwise this conversation is interrupted by discovering a letter from Damien.

October 31

If you didn't blow off Initiation, Damien will catch up to you just before you go to the Dark Dance. You can either chose to keep being friends with him, confess whether you ate the pie or not and whether or not you think it was creepy for him to leave it at your door or how great the pie was or you can just ignore him and have nothing to do with him. You will get +5 cute points talking to Damien.
If you chose to use the Spirit Sight in the Dark Dance you'll turn blind and cause Grabiner to take demerits from you -10 or -20 depending on whether you spoke to him beforehand about it,


November 1

A scene comes up about Ellen asking William to the dance. You can chose to pursue the line of questioning about William and why he chose not to go out with Ellen, change the subject, or let it drop. If you change the subject, you'll have a chance to tease Virginia instead and get some information about different characters. If you suggest Virginia has a thing for Ellen, you lose a point with each of them. Suggesting Virginia has a crush on her brother loses a Virginia point. If you suggest Virginia should date Damien (only available if you went through initiation) you get 5 weird points.

November 2

If you have detention, this is the first chance you'll get to talk to Donald about his family - but only if this isn't your first detention with him. (This conversation can happen at any detention until the end of the year). At the end of detention you gain 10 stress.

November 3

Or ANY Sunday that you're not busy, if you've had the conversation with Donald about his family in detention, William will appear. If you suspected Virginia had a crush on William, you can ask him about it now. If you unlock this conversation later, after the date with Damien, you can ask William about Damien.

Week 10 (ISO 45)[]

November 4

If you're the Treasurer, Professor Grabiner will leave a note asking you to meet him after class. He'll tell you that you're in charge of a tribute fund, and you can chose to say that Potsdam either likes seeing people confused or that she thinks magic is more important than history.
Prof. Grabiner will ask you how you want to raise money for the tribute.  If you choose, "Something else," you will start a raffle for a gift basket instead of making candles.
If you take White Magic class today, or if you used Spirit Sight in the Dark Dance, Potsdam will talk about the Otherworld.

November 8

If you decide to give Damien a chance he'll ask you out to the Glen tomorrow, you can chose whether or not to go with him or to reschedule to next week.

November 9

You give Ellen a letter from her family telling her she can't go home for Thanksgiving.  If you choose to spend time with them, she'll explain what little she knows about her complicated family relationships. If you choose to spend time with them you'll play around and have a race that will get you +5 stress.
If you stay with Virginia and Ellen, you can still go out with Damien later.  If you have plans with Damien and specifically tell Virginia that's why you're busy, you lose two Virginia points. You can also claim to be meeting Minnie, but if you're NOT treasurer, after the date they will have figured out that you were lying and you will lose a point with each of them.
If you dont go with ellen and Virginia and go on a date with Damien today, you can gain 5 cute points for ordering food at random. At the end of the date you lose 5 stress.

November 10

If you were supposed to have a date with Damien but skipped it, he shows up to reschedule.

Week 11 (ISO 46)[]

November 11

Study and you get a scene with Ellen. If you're the Treasurer Minnie will come around and tell you about the upcoming fundraiser, give you your schedule and ask you to take her shift at the booth.

November 12

Any Tuesday following the Sunday-William-conversation Donald may show up to find out what you learned. If you lie and say you didn't have a chance to talk to him, or if you claim William thinks Donald is great, you lose a Donald point. If you say he has too much energy or that William thinks Donald has a crush on you, gain a Donald point. (These options only available if you actually talked to William about Donald.)

November 14

You'll have a spell practice with Donald. You can either chose to duck to the side when he does a spell for +5 weird points or use the push spell (or you'll have a long list of other spells to use, depending on which magic you're strongest at). If you dodged he'll do a prank with a giant dragon and you can chose to defend him or not, if you defend him you'll also get detention with him as well as opening up some other scenes with him in the future, possibly also making it easier to date him. if not he ends up in detention with -10 demerits on his file.

November 16

If you decide to reschedule your date with Damien or if you ended up hanging out with Elle and Virginia Damien will leave a message at your door and you'll have to go to the mall if you don't want him mad at you. If you have detention however you can chose to find Damien to tell him about it or just go straight to detention. Choosing to run to tell Damien about it will ensue in a rather hilarious scene before detention.

November 17

If you decided to run to Damien to tell him about your detention he'll come by and tell you that his dorm thought it was really cute earning you +10 cute points and you'll make new plans with him. If you went straight to detention he screams at you and you'll never be able to date him again.

Week 12 (ISO 47)[]

November 18

Ellen will ask you if you want to go watch a play with her if your relationship with her isn't in the negative.

November 20

If your relationship with Donald isn't in the negative he and Luke will come by to ask you if you want to help make candles. If you're the Treasurer there's extra dialogue. You get +5 stress because of the monotonous but tiring work however you are also awarded +10 merits from Professor Potsdman for a job well done.

November 22

If you chose to go with Ellen to the play you lose $5 and afterwards you'll have a conversation about love and revenge with her. If you chose to revenge yourself against someone who wrongs you someone will giggle and it may change a few things later.

November 23

If you're a Treasurer and you chose to help Minnie with her shift you go to the mall to set up shop and you're allowed to do whatever you want while you wait for your shift later that night. Professor Grabiner will supervise you, Angela will pass by and if you chose to have pink peppermint candles of whichever kind she'll think it's childish (which means +5 cute points for you!) however you also get +10 stress and a restaurant (date?) scene with Professor Grabiner. You can chose whether or not to speak, but I wouldn't recommend it. The complimentary dessert (blown sugar glass strawberries apparently, whatever that means) which surprises you but doesn't faze him one bit.

November 23

A rescheduled date with Damien might happen today.

November 24

If you were going to make another date with Damien but couldn't because yesterday was the fundraiser, he'll come by and start talking about how you were playing him, when the truth was you hadn't gotten his note and you'll never be able to date him again.

Week 13 (ISO 48)[]

November 25

Professor Potsdam will have a Thanksgiving assembly to wish good holidays to all and to warn wildseed (yourself included) to not talk about the magical world with their friends and family. If you're pursuing Professor Grabiner Minnie will come up to you to say you did a good job at the fair.

November 26

Another assembly by Professor Potsdam, this one having a strangely ritualistic feel to it.


December 1

You come back from the holidays, and get a chance to talk to Ellen and Virginia about the holidays. You can chose to be rather blunt or just sidestep the question with another question.

Week 14 (ISO 49)[]

December 2

Another exam. This dungeon is randomly generated. You can find a path to the exit by casting Breeze, Track Scent, or Spirit Echoes. Truesight will break the illusion if cast in the right cell. Awareness covers several cells at a time and will tell you if the exit is in any of them. Several other spells MAY work if cast on the illusion-wall but are too expensive to be a good idea. Success gives 5 merits, surrender causes 10 demerits. If you cast Sleep on yourself or set yourself on fire and run out of health, you get 10 demerits and detention. Afterwards Ellen will have used her sleuthing skills to finish the exam, and if you tell her it's unfair she will go rant at Professor Grabiner publicly and end up with nothing but a detention for her troubles.

December 3

Someone sneaks into or out of your room. On this date, you may get a mysterious message inviting you to join a secret society. This will not happen if Ellen and Professor Grabiner had an argument yesterday (if so, you'll see Ellen sneaking out in the middle of the night). Otherwise, then if you either spoke in favor of revenge at the fall play (On Nov 22) or didn't attend the play but have at least 20 demerits, you will be invited to the gym in the middle of the night.

December 3/4

If you attend the midnight meeting, you will have the chance to join the Rose and Wasp. However, if you scheduled Study or Sleep for tomorrow (Dec 4) then you can't carry out your initiation task.

December 4

If Ellen snuck out to join the Rose and Wasp, but you scheduled Study or Sleep for this day and are therefore not leaving the room, she has to give up on carrying out her initiation task.

December 5

If didn't sleep or study in your room yesterday your bra will be given to you by Professor Potsdam. If you did the Rose and Wasp task, Ellen is upset about her missing underwear, but she won't admit to you what happened if your relationship with her is already negative. If you tell her that a secret society made you do it, Ellen gets angry - lose an Ellen point. Otherwise, she accepts whatever excuses you make.

December 7

If you have detention today, it's about mazes. Donald is here. Ellen may also be here if she had the confrontation with Grabiner on the 2nd.

December 8

If you're still friendly with Damien, he invites you to play flowerstones with him. Agreeing to skip sports club and play right away will lose a Virginia point.

Week 15 (ISO 50)[]

December 9

Ellen will ask Virginia whether or not there will be another exam in the Christmas holidays, and Virginia goes on about the pros of magic school, ie. no grades.

December 11

Professor Potsdam will gather an assembly for Secret Santa. You get whichever roommate you currently have the worst relationship with; this is your chance to fix problems.

December 13

An event may come up with the choice to wake everyone up or not, if you do you get +5 weird from Virginia and a pillow thrown at you for your efforts. Also, if you decided to reschedule with Damien you'll be playing flowerstones today. If your bra was stolen in the 4th Damien will hint that he and you are victims of bullying.

December 14

If you're a Treasurer Professor Grabiner will be at the office to tell you that the mall expedition will be canceled because of the heavy snowfall. Also, if you joined Donald for the detention he'll invite you outside to play in the snow, where you get to hear about his family and see a zombie snowman.
If you've given the bunny to Big Steve, relax now for an encounter with him. You have to kiss the bunny to unlock his Christmas option. Kissing the bunny gains +5 weird.

Week 16 (ISO 51)[]

December 16

Professor Potsdam decides to have an assembly to make Christmas cards for Secret Santa.: For Ellen:
  • Cakes = lose an Ellen point
  • Fairies/Jewelry = gain 5 cute points and an Ellen point (With a joke about Pastel if you do Fairies on black paper)
  • Frogs = 5 weird points
  • Rock stars = gain an Ellen point
  • Warriors = no effect
For Virginia:
  • Fairies/Jewelry = no effect
  • Frogs = If on purple or black paper, 5 weird points. Otherwise no effect.
  • Rock stars = If you had the conversation about how she wanted to be an athlete, gain a Virginia point. Otherwise lose a Virginia point.
  • Cakes = Gain a Virginia point
  • Warriors = Gain a Virginia point

December 19

Chorale will be holding a concert for free. You can chose whether or not you wish to attend.

December 20

If you're the Treasurer you'll wake up in an ungodly hour to find Professor Grabiner at the office shifting through the mail to find something. Professor Potsdam gathers another blessing assembly and you get to chose who you want to think about with her Farspeak spell (or something of a variation on the spell). For Ellen, Virginia, and Donald, you must have at least one point for them and think about them here in order to start their paths. Damien and Professor Grabiner can still possibly be pursued even if you don't choose them now. If you choose "No one" and you are a member of the Rose and Wasp, you cackle madly and gain 5 weird points.


Week 18 (ISO 1)[]

January 5

Back from the Christmas holidays, you can chose to either be blunt about your time away or dodge the question with another question. If either you or Ellen join the Rose and Wasp you'll get a gift from them.

Week 19 (ISO 2)[]

January 6

If you have enough Damien points he'll visit and tell you about his holidays and gives you a flower he made as a present (late Christmas present maybe?) that he made himself.

January 8

Donald will come by to tell you about a bingo game his friend Logan has scheduled.

January 10

Dungeon Exam 4. To get the full ten merits for this exam you must reach the exit without either damaging or being damaged by the Hodag in the center. Therefore, if the Hodag sees you, you have to instantly disable it before it has a chance to strike back. Putting it to sleep or teleporting it to a distant location are two ways to do this - but if you teleport it, it will try to find you again afterwards. You can also avoid the Hodag completely if you have the Dig spell and sufficient Smarts to dig through from one of the dead ends on the south side of the map to the matching locations on the north side of the map. Cloak will allow you to walk past without it seeing you at all. You can also use the Call spell to lure the Hodag out of position so that you can get past it.
If you do engage in combat but defeat it or manage to escape, you still get five merits. If the Hodag defeats you (you run out of health) you will receive ten demerits and detention. Just giving up will only lose ten demerits.

January 11

Detention today includes Suki as well as Donald, and Professor Grabiner casts a spell to keep you all quiet. Donald will only tell you how he got detention if you're on his path.
If you choose to study with Minnie, she may be distracted (not sure if that's because of a choice from before).  No smart bonus from studying with her if this happens.

January 12

First sports team meeting in spring. If you spoke to Virginia about her dreams of becoming a star athlete your character will ask about it, and you'll find out she's resolved the issue.

Week 20 (ISO 3)[]

January 13

If you're on Ellen's path, you find Ellen cleaning the room and talk about her family.
If you're on Donald's path, he will ask if you want to explore the school's dungeons.

January 14

You'll spot Damien and Pastel talking about something extremely suggestive and depending on whether or not you chose to pursue Damien as a potential romantic partner the dialogue may change.

January 15

If you went to the dungeons with Donald on Monday, today Professor Grabiner gives you 10 merits to make up for earlier, but you still have detention.

January 16

If you chose gym Kyo will rant to you about his girl troubles and you can either chose to stay out of it or suggest romantic gestures to him (can be triggered anyday this week by taking gym).

January 18

Detention. Professor Grabiner leaves the three of you in a room to amuse yourselves.

Week 21 (ISO 4)[]

January 20

King Day, you get a day off. If you're in Virginia's path you catch her experimenting with makeup and talk about fashion. If you suggest dressing like a clown you get 5 weird points. You make plans for the weekend. If you're pursuing Donald you help him clean the school and get 10 merits. (If you didn't need the merits, you admit you just wanted to spend time with him.) You make plans for the weeekend.

January 21

Ellen's path, you suggest going to the mall this weekend to cheer her up.

January 24

Damien will look for you to confess his love for you to ask you out on a real date. If you've made plans with someone else you can chose to ask him for a bit more time which he won't take well to, or you can chose to go on the date with him or tell him you don't care for him that way. There is NO way to turn him down and keep his friendship - either you agree or he loses his temper.

January 25

  • If you're pursuing Professor Grabiner you'll come across a rather surprising scene and whether or not you chose to save him makes quite a difference, a life changing difference. Looking for Professor Potsdam only nets you 5 merits and you go on your merry day.
  • If you chose to go on a date with Damien, Angela will notice the two of you and a scene ensues.
  • If you're pursuing Ellen you get to talk to her about books and entertainment and learn about her strange fascination with rock paraphenalia.
  • If you're pursuing Virginia you can help her find a new look, funny hats gives +5 weird whereas accessories gives +5 cute.
A big day for romance paths!

January 26

If you missed a scheduled date because of getting married, you'll talk to the other person now. For everyone except Donald, this ends their path. If you didn't go on a date you see Kyo serenading Minnie at the mall.

Week 22 (ISO 5)[]

January 27

Depending on which character you chose to pursue as a romantic partner the juicy gossip Virginia shares with you changes.
  • On a side note, this week if you've been married to Grabiner you might have a rough time in the first class you share with him.

January 28

Virginia path. If your Weird score is 30 or higher, she gives you the option to start a romantic relationship with her (but Ellen walks in before you can kiss). Otherwise you will stay as friends.

Janary 29

Ellen has a bad dream, and if you're dating her you can comfort her. If you went on a solo date with Damien, leading to the interaction with Angela, and Virginia hassled you about it, you may now talk to Isobel to find out more about Musette.

January 31

You run into Raven talking about the school play. If you're dating Donald you can tell him about this later and he'll try out for the play.


February 1

If you're the Treasurer you chose the price for the Valentine's and if you've been married to Grabiner you can ask him some questions about being a ritually married witch-wife. Virginia's path, you can go to the mall with her to celebrate William's birthday. (lose 5 stress) Damien's path, you see him arguing with William and he promises a romantic date later. Donald's path, you suggest he join the play.

February 2

If you're the Treasurer Minnie will talk to you about your decision about the Valentines, and she might ask your help for her romantic issues. (you get more dialogue if you're close to her and married to Grabiner)

Week 23 (ISO 6)[]

February 3

If you're dating Ellen she'll ask you what classes you're going to because she wants to go over the materials with you for the upcoming exam. Virginia's path, she asks you to take Gym class with her.

February 4

If you're dating Ellen she'll talk to you about her old best friend. If Donald he'll confess to you and you can chose whether or not you want to date him.

February 3-5

Virginia's path, if you take Gym class, she seems unusually tired.

February 5

Logan will knock at your door to ask you to a new and improved bingo game.

February 6

Virginia's path, if this is the first time you take Gym class all week you notice that it's strange she's not there. If you chose to study or rest you'll see Virginia oversleeping and tell Ellen about it. If not you and Ellen come across her in the room.

February 7

Second exam in the second semester.
This dungeon is shaped like a + with the endpoints containing a chest, a sphere, an exit, and a monster (which is actually an illusion). The chest will explode if you open it, which may use up all your health and make you lose. If your strength is high, you can open the chest without using any magic at all and escape the dungeon, but you don't get any merits for this. Otherwise, you get five merits for escaping and ten if you canceled the illusion of the monster (Truesight or Spirit Sight will do it).
If you're married and have 40 demerits (so ten demerits for failing would normally get you expelled) you get detention instead, but Professor Grabiner is clearly very upset.
You get to ask about Virginia after the exam to Professor Potsdam if you pass or Professor Grabiner if you fail. William will come by to explain the situation fully to you and Ellen, about Virginia and her condition.

February 8

Depending on whether or not you're the Treasurer you'll either meet Virginia outside or in your room. If you've gotten detention and you're married and Grabiner is really mad at you, he takes away your Treasurer position. He then hangs you (and Donald if he's here) in the air with magic and leaves you there. If he spanked you earlier, you snark to yourself that apparently he's into bondage as well. Gain 1 smart and 15 stress. Donald path, you convince him not to play a prank on Virginia.

Week 24 (ISO 7)[]

February 10

Depending on whether or not you're the Treasurer Minnie will either come by to talk to you or Ellen about the Valentine's booths. If you take gym class today, Kyo is there complaining about how girls play hard to get. Valentines are on sale today. Any time after this point if you take a Black or Green magic class, Potsdam talks about the rules of romantic behavior (everything's okay as long as all parties consent and nobody gets pregnant).

February 14

Depending on who you chose to pursue as a partner you may or may not get a Valentines and your beau might come by to speak to you.

February 15

A bonfire will be set up and you'll be learning about the New Year's ceremony tomorrow night.

February 16

The New Year's ceremony commences and depending on if you're pursuing Ellen some of the dialogue may change.

Week 25 (ISO 8)[]

February 17

If you sent Potsdam a valentine, she thanks you. You get 5 cute points for a romantic valentine and 5 weird points for a funny one.
If you sent Big Steve a valentine, you'll see him outside and wave. If you sent a romantic valentine, he'll see you and vanish. If you sent a friendly or funny valentine, he'll nod at you and you will have the option to flag him down. You'll ask to hang out and he will tell you he's busy practicing, but over the weekend he needs to find a present for his little sister at the mall.

February 17-28

If you take gym class you notice Kyo sulking.

February 20

Damien got your valentine. You get 5 cute points if you have sent romantic valentine.

February 22

If on Big Steve's path, go to the mall and you will see Big Steve and approach him. After asking about his sister, you'll suggest a present and offer to help him look. He'll tell you you're distracting him and that he never said he would hang out with you.

February 23

Virginia's path, Jacob turns up at Sports club.

Week 26 (ISO 9)[]

February 24

Professor Potsdam gathers a Magical Honor assembly, and if you're pursuing Ellen as a romantic partner you may learn about her little secret.

February 25

If you take any class with Professor Grabiner he'll give you a free period. If you're married to him Potsdam will ask for your help taking care of him, who is at least slightly appreciative of your efforts.

February 26

Ellen path, she's upset about the Honor Society.
Professor Grabiner's classes are free periods.

February 27

Professor Grabiner's classes are free periods.

February 28

Professor Grabiner's classes are free periods.
If you went to the mall with Big Steve, there will be a note from Mr Hoppity apologizing for Steve's rudeness and suggesting after the March Exams would be a better time to talk to him.


March 1

If you're on Ellen's path she'll invite you to the mall but she'll leave you for... reasons.
If you're in the Student Council as the Treasurer Minnie will tell you about the up coming banquet, and if you're married to Grabiner you can't attend.

March 2

If you're dating Damien he'll surprise you with a picnic date.
If your on Virginia's path, you learn about oath sworn pacts.

Week 27 (ISO 10)[]

March 3

If you're on Ellen's path you'll get a scene helping with some experiments.

March 4

If you are either not pursuing anyone romantically or not married to Grabiner you'll be at the Maple ceremony. If you are however you'll be at the library where you meet him when he returns a book

March 5

If you're on Virginia's path Virginia will have a confrontation with Donald outside your room.

March 8

Following the Grabiner route if you don't open the box you gain +5 merits.

Week 28 (ISO 11)[]

March 10

More bad news if you're on Virgina's path.

March 11

Virginia will wake you up and tell you she hears some loud noises downstairs.

March 12

Isobel will come by to your room in the morning to tell you a bit about what happened last night. After the assembly if you pursue Damien you'll run straight into his arms and ask if he's alright. If you're dating Donald you'll go to his detention room and speak to him about the situation.
If you're on Virginia's path, stay quiet.

March 13

Donald will come by to your room and depending on how familiar you are with him your reaction may vary.

March 14

Dungeon day today.  You can attack your opponent (e won't fight back), outsmart em by reaching the exit first (teleport em back to the start near the end) or talk with em, either by trying multiple times or using the communication spell.  You can bribe em with $100 or challenge em to a game of wits.  Offering to kiss em will give +5 cute points but will not make him give up.  Getting em to give up gives an addition +5 merits.

March 15

Going to the mall food court will get you a scene with Virginia.  If you haven't bought enough pastries, the pastry shop will be closed down.  This isn't important unless you're on Big Steve's path, you need the shop open to get his best end.

March 16

If you're on Ellen's path you'll get a scene about the results of her earlier experiments.

Week 29 (ISO 12)[]

March 17

Professor Potsdam may speak to you about staying at school on the holidays, and if you're married to Grabiner she might give you some suggestions on how to use your free time.

March 18

If you rejected Damien earlier, he will take you to the gym.

March 19

Depending on whether you chose to date Damien or not Virginia's newest gossip may change.

March 21

You can chose whether or not you want to watch the play, and if you're dating Donald you'll get an extra scene with him backstage.

Week 30 (ISO 13)[]

March 30

Back from another holiday, you think about how much things have changed. If you're dating Ellen she'll talk to you about her holiday and you can comfort her. Potsdam also finds out about her experiments and punishes her for it.

Week 31 (ISO 14)[]

March 31

On the Virginia path you make bold advances in contract loop holes.


April 1

Take any class with Professor Potsdam and she'll play a rather ingenious joke on you. If you're married to Grabiner he'll speak with you after class and he tells you about the upcoming dance and you can ask him some questions. If none of these apply Luke will come by and ask you if you want to have a jelly bean.

April 2

If you're dating Ellen Minnie will come by and explain some of the reasoning behind the rules of never mixing magic with technology and a bit about the student Musette.

April 5

If you're dating Ellen she comes back from her detention and she'll tell about how well it went.

April 6

You decide to go out for a walk and come across an argument between Minnie, Jacob and Kyo. You can chose to let Kyo pass or you can speak to him about what just happened.  If you're a member of the Rose and Wasp and know enough about Kyo's and Minnie's situation, you can accuse him and attempt to orchestrate revenge. If you're treasurer you can talk to Grabiner, which is much more effective than talking to Potsdam.

Week 32 (ISO 15)[]

April 7

If you're on Grabiner's path and you talked to him about Kyo yesterday, you have some very important scenes with him today.

April 9

The Thunder Call commences in the middle of the night. Either you wake up Ellen and Virginia or Ellen wakes you up and Virginia explains to you what the Thunder Call is, depending on who's Treasurer, and you end up with +10 stress for the lost sleep.

April 11

If you're on Ellen's path and she joined the Rose and Wasp earlier in the year, you'll get invited to join a SECRET SOCIETY.  Accept to be initiated at the gym tonight.  When the 'ritual' begins, if you have enough Smarts to get the option, select 'wait a minute...' to become an Architect of the Bayesian Conspiracy, if you select anything else you'll be a 'minion' of the Bayesian Conspiracy.  This doesn't change the ending but the conversation is better as an Architect.

April 13

If you have failed to deal with Kyo's threats, you decide to go out for a walk, and see that Minnie and Kyo have made up and narrowly dodge getting a soccer ball to the face.

Week 33 (ISO 16)[]

April 15

If you have failed to deal with Kyo's threats, you decide to go out for a walk, and see that Minnie and Kyo have made up and narrowly dodge getting a soccer ball to the face.

April 17

If you're the treasurer, Minnie will approach you about fundraising for the May Day Ball. You can choose between donations or selling snacks.

April 18

Ellen stays in for Good Friday.

April 19

If you dated Damien he'll send a letter to you, and you can chose whether or not you want to meet him. Also, it's highly recommended that you cast Empathy on him when he gives you permission to hit him.

April 20

If you are on Big Steve's path, he and Mr. Hoppity will come to tell you Happy Easter and give you a present.

Week 34 (ISO 17)[]

April 21

Starting from today throughout the whole week, Damien will send you letters, detailing his recovery and giving you gifts, going so far as to promise you the world if you so desired. He stops sending letters on the 25th.

Week 35 (ISO 18)[]

April 30

Yearbook photos today, and your character muses about how slapdash it is.


May 1st

The May Day Ball: Most paths end here, with the exception of Grabiner's. To get his romance ending, you must skip the ball.