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"What are you going to do, Urchin, tell Mom on me? She's not here!"
— Donald to his sister Virginia

Donald is Virginia's older brother from Wolf hall, and is one of the Romance Options.


He is the brother of William and Virginia, almost a year older than Virginia but in the same grade level at school. His birthday is in October.

As the middle child, Donald feels neglected compared to his "cool" older brother and his "baby" sister. If you decide to build a snowman with him (some time in December) he tells you that his parents didn't even notice when he ran away from home, and he feels that if he didn't play pranks and generally make a fool of himself no one in his family would even remember that he exists.


He is mischievous and spends a lot of time in detention; getting detentions will allow you to have extra scenes and conversations with him.

When he's not causing trouble, Donald is a good student, excelling in math and music.

He and Ellen may bond over their scholastic interests and annoying younger siblings.

How to date him (tips and spoilers)[]

You can meet him when Virginia takes you to see her brothers on the first day, or if you skip class the entire first week and get detention, or automatically when it comes time for club signups. Once you're close enough friends with him he'll tell you about some of the teachers giving out merits in exchange for some chores done around the academy, as well as asking you whether or not you want to play bingo that Logan will hold later on in the school year.

  • You will need to help him with a prank or share detention with him at least once.
  • Think of him during the Christmas event.
  • You cannot date both him and Damien, and if you do you'll have to chose between the two
  • It doesn't really matter whether or not you give him a Valentine, but if you do he won't be able to thank you until a week after February 14, because he'll be busy with the play
  • He's one of the few characters you can still pursue if married to Grabiner, although you can only get Donald's friendship ending while married, not his romantic one
  • When he's under interrogation the best choice to make is to say that you'll vouch for him (Event happens on March 11. Decision on March 12)