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"I hate having things be out of place. it makes me feel nervous."
—Ellen talking about her habit of cleaning

Ellen is one of the two roommates that the player's character starts with and is one of the Romance Options.


She's a wildseed, who has a complicated relationship with her mother and stepfather. Ellen also has a little half-sister named Jenny, a beautiful 13 year old girl who wants to be a ballerina and is very spoiled, making a lot of noise if Ellen so much as locks her door when she wants to study in peace and quiet. Jenny also seems to be either vindictive or gossipy, telling Ellen with glee when her mother and stepfather speak ill of her behind her back.


She's a smart girl and diligent student. She has always wanted to be a witch, and even brought her own encyclopedias. She gets irritated when the room isn't properly clean and would willingly clean up after Virginia and even gets obsessive about her own clothes not being folded properly. She's also a surprisingly good athlete, playing softball and volleyball but enjoying volleyball more. She's very well read, able to tell you off the top of her head who wrote the quote about women and their fury and can even summarize the rather convoluted plot of Cosgrove's book The Mourning Bride. She also likes to watch plays and can also take part in one as one of the singers in the choir near the end of the school year.

The player character may or may not chose to help her with her crush on William, and if she does she'll say that she's "cute, clever and sweet." Regardless, she will never end up with William. Ellen can also date Donald by the end of the game, sharing their mutual interest in math and frustration with younger sisters.


She seems to be quite talented with magic, Blue magic in particular, and enjoys experimenting with newly learned spells. If you pursue her as a potential love interest you assist her on some experiments pertaining to the usage of magic on modern technology and how the two can be combined.

In Horse Hall, if she gets angry at Grabiner about solving exams without magic, she may join the secret revenge club and then choose to start her own secret society later. Otherwise, she works with him to design a research project.

As Treasurer[]

She takes her responsibilities seriously as the Treasurer if she wins the election, always awaking at 5 in the morning to organize the mail and helps with the various events that happen in the school year.

How to date her (in Horse Hall)[]

  • Don't suggest that Virginia has a crush on her. It just makes them both angry.
  • Generally spend time with her and talk to her
  • On 16th September and 11th November stay at room (study or sleep) to have a dialogue with Ellen
  • Think of her during the Christmas event
  • Send her a romantic Valentine Day gift to get the romance ending; otherwise you get the friend route
  • If you chose to panic when she confronts you about your gift you get 5 cute points

How to date her (in Wolf Hall)[]

  • Agree to William's plan and choose to distract either Ellen or Damien
  • If you distract Damien, you can dump him at the Dark Dance and pursue Ellen after that. If you distracted Ellen, you MUST find her and confess the truth to her after the Dark Dance, or her route will end in failure. She may get angry temporarily when you confess, but if she likes you she will eventually forgive you.
  • Talk to her when you get the chance, be interested in her problems, especially when she argues with Grabiner. Invite her to the play.
  • Think of her at Christmas
  • To get her romance path, tell Virginia when she asks that you and Ellen are dating. Otherwise you'll stay just friends.