Magical Diary Wiki

A brief outline on how and when you can gain or lose merits.

September 1st (-10 merits)

  • Automatic

September 2nd (-10 merits and detention)

  • Select 'Sleep' for the entire week
  • Merits lost at end of week

September 9th (-10 merits, followed by +20)

  • Select 'Take hand'
  • Take Red or Blue magic for September 12
  • Select 'Admit it' (-10)
  • Either response to Damien Ramsey works
  • Receive merits on September 13 (+20)

20+ Merits

September 27th First Exam : 

If ya don´t have any all Magic and one of them is over 5 you get -10 merits and detention choosing the "I don't want detention" option. Choosing detention will grant no demerit and +5 weird.

  • Red Magic Less then 5, Give -5 merits.
  • Red Magic 
  • Blue Magic Less then 5, Give -5 merits.
  • Blue Magic
  • Blue Magic over 30, give +10 merits
  • Green Magic Less then 5, Give -15 merits. if you have 25 or more Smart -10 merits. Both give detention.
  • Green Magic 
  • Black Magic Less then 5, Give -5 merits.
  • Black Magic 
  • White Magic Less then 5 you get -10 Merits and detention. With 25 or more Smart you get -5 Merits and no  detention 
  • White Magic 

September 30th - October 1st: (-10 Merits)

  • Choose to study or sleep on September 30th
  • Let Donald leave the box
  • Select 'Say Nothing'
  • On October 1st, select 'Run Away' (-10)

October 2nd: (+10 Merits)

  • Get a detention from dungeon exam 1
  • Go with Donald. (+10)


  • On September 30th, Give Donald a better idea
  • Go with Donald (+10)

October 12th: (+10 merits)

  • Choose run for president in the beginning of the week, gain no weird point in the campaign.

October 25th, Second Exam:

  • Attempt to jump over abyss without use of magic (-10 merits and detention)
  • Solve the exam (+5 merits)

October 31, Dark Dance:

  • Cast 'Spirit Sight' (-10 merits)
    • If you had the conversation with Grabiner about the Dark Dance, you get -20 merits instead

November 20th: (+10 merits) 

  • Agree to Donald's proposition  
    • You need to have went with Donald on October 2nd. 

December 2nd: Third Exam: 

  • Discover the exit (+5 merits) 

January 10th: Fourth Exam: 

  • Get to the exit (+5 merits) 
    • Do not use violence (+5 merits) 

January 13th: 

  • Follow Donald once again (-10 merits) 
    • You need to have followed him twice 
    • You will regain +10 merits on the 15th. 

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