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School entrance

Iris Academy is the school that you attend in the game. All of the characters in the game are found here.

It is one of several magical schools in the United States. The students include non-humans, humans born to magical families, and wildseeds who have a non-magical lineage.

Iris Academy teaches magic by the pentachromatic (five colors) system and tests learning through regular dungeon exams. Student performance is marked through a system of merits and demerits. Earning too many demerits will result in expulsion.

Students are divided into six Magical Halls, three for boys and three for girls. A Hall is assigned before first arriving at the school; however, it is possible to be transferred into another hall during your school career.

Only two teachers are shown in the first game, Professor Potsdam and Professor Grabiner, but there are apparently more that teach higher level courses.

Known Faculty[]

  • Professor Petunia Potsdam (Headmistress, Freshmen-Level Green, White, and Black Magic)
  • Professor Hieronymous Grabiner (Freshmen-Level Red and Blue Magic, oversees Saturday Detention)
  • Isabella Van Brun (Upper-Class Red and Green Magic, oversees the gymnasium)
  • Trinity Darden (Librarian)