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Kyo's Appearance in Magical Diary: Horse Hall

Kyo's Appearance in Magical Diary: Wolf Hall

Kyo Katsura is a sophomore student in Wolf Hall. He's a member of the sports club, and if you meet him a the gym in certain dates he'll ask you for help wooing Minnie. For much of the school year he'll be pursuing Minnie as his girlfriend, and he'll go to great lengths to keep her to himself. He seems to be a part of the Rose and Wasp, and may or may not have had something to do with a certain incident including fiery doors in Jacob and Logan's room. Depeding on what you do at the end of the year he'll either return to being Minnie's boyfriend, get in a fight with Jacob or possibly expelled.

While he initially seems to be a charming and romantic character, serenading Minnie and buying her valentines, it later becomes clear that he is possessive, controlling, and possibly dangerous. He puts a lot of pressure on Minnie for her to spend all of her time with him and no one else and would even say that unless he's with her romantically he feels like he's dying.

Based on his name, he may have Japanese heritage in his family tree.