Luke Phifer is a freshman in Wolf Hall, Donald's roommate and Logan's twin. He seems to be quite mischievous, though apparently rather clumsy, walking into the doorway when you first meet him with Donald in the first day you move to the academy and is reminded by both Donald and Professor Potsdam to be careful when candlemaking. He gets rather easily embarrassed when someone points that out as well. He likes to help Donald out with his pranks and usually ends up in detention with him when he does. He apparently also has a juvenile sense of humor, asking Donald why Potsdam doesn't marry him if she loves him so much with a sly look on his face.

He seems to dislike it when people mistake him for his twin, the PC (if dating Donald) overhear a conversation between the two of them where the brainstorm ideas to make it easier for others to tell the difference between the two of them, like dying his hair pink.

In the Initiation he had started to recite a poem from Alice in Wonderland in one of Professor Potsdam's classes, though he didn't end up in detention for it.

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