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"Ten demerits. Not a promising start."
—Grabiner to the Player

Professor Hieronymous Grabiner is a magical instructor at Iris Academy, as well as a Romance Option in Magical Diary: Horse Hall. He is not a romance option in Magical Diary: Wolf Hall, and instead serves as your chaperon and mentor while you are studying in America.


Spoiler Information

It would appear that the professor comes from a family of English nobility. He does not appear to have a particularly amicable relationship with his father, Aloysius Grabiner. There is no exact indication as to who his mother is, but it is evidenced that Aloysius has been divorced at the very least once. He likely was primarily raised by retainers, and would appear to be an only child. Since his father is the 16th Viscount Montague, Hieronymous Grabiner is the heir apparent for the title, and would become the 17th when his father passes away or retires. Should the main character marry him and not absolve the marriage at the end of the necessary time, she might eventually become his Viscountess.


The initial impression of this man is of severe and taciturn cruelty, paired with an expansive intellect. This can be clearly evidenced in his frequent allusions, and, for example, that he can read a book about Slovenian hay-racks in the original language and niche readings of paleontology. He also has a surprisingly dry sense of humor, if not using his wits to insult others. It would appear that he is the routine victim of a few pranks from the students, especially during the Initiation. Thanks to this, his sharp reactions to receiving romantic letters belies a very deep frustration. He apparently administers at least freshman detentions himself, being the acting teacher for any potential detentions the main character serves. Should you fail any of your exams, it's most likely that he'll be the one to transport you out of the dungeons. He also appears to be the primary teacher class council members report to.


Professor Hieronymous Grabiner teaches freshman level Red and Blue magic, but would appear to hold expertise in every field.

How to date him in Magical Diary: Horse Hall (general tips)[]

  • Successfully campaign for class treasurer
  • Manage a successful fundraising event - if you do this well, he will think of you at Christmas.
  • When you find Grabiner in apparent peril, try to rescue him.
  • In general, do not try to pry into his past or open his mail, but always choose to spend time with him when given event prompts.
  • Whatever you do, do not kiss Pastel.
  • Do not send him a romantic valentine. Friendly is safe. 
  • When Kyo and Minnie are fighting, confront Kyo and tell him to forget about her, and then go to Grabiner for help.
  • After things go wrong, don't say that his actions are unforgivable, or he will agree with you and avoid you from then on.
  • To get the final scenes for his ending, do not go to the May Day Ball.
  • While not affecting his relationship points with you, you can get a special scene with Grabiner early in the game if you fail the second exam by trying to jump across the abyss. You will get detention with him, and can request an alternative punishment, which he will give you. Again, this scene is not needed to get his good endings/date him, but is particularly entertaining regardless.


  • He may be modeled after Professor Snape of the Harry Potter series.