There are a number of romance possibilities, some with full paths and endings and others with brief interactions. Most romantic characters also have a 'friends' relationship available, for players not interested in pursuing the romance.

Main Romance OptionsEdit

Damien RamseyEdit

For more on Damien's Path please, see Damien Ramsey.

To romance Damien you must agree to take his hand and be his freshman during initiation, then make up with him on Halloween. Then you will be able to choose him at Christmas. It's possible for Damien to try and date you even if you didn't choose him at Christmas.

Donald DansonEdit

For more on Donald's Path please, see Donald Danson.

To romance Donald you need to make friends with him by going along with his pranks and schemes. You can meet him in detention, or help him out with the "box" prank after the first exam, or defend him after the dueling session. If he likes you, he'll invite you to merit-earning activities with him, and you should be able to choose him at Christmas.

Ellen MiddletonEdit

For more on Ellen's Path please, see Ellen Middleton.

Be nice to Ellen in the first semester and you should be able to choose her at Christmas. To start a romance send her a romantic valentine.

Hieronymous GrabinerEdit

For more on P. H. Grabiner's Path please, see Professor Grabiner.

To romance the Professor you have to win the election for class treasurer. Then in the second semester you will run into him performing a ritual. Try to rescue him and the romance path will start.

Virginia DansonEdit

For more on Virginia's Path please, see Virginia Danson.

Be nice to Virginia in the first semester and you should be able to choose her at Christmas. To start a romance you will need a high Weird score.

"Big" Steve KenyonEdit

For more Big Steve please, see "Big" Steve Kenyon.

Big Steve suddenly acts weird.

The secret romance option, sort of. If you get him to win the bunny from the claw machine and then give it to him you'll get a few scenes with him later. In the later versions of the game (including all Steam versions) you can now go out with Steve and dance with him at the end of the game.

Brief Romance InteractionsEdit

Pastel RaoEdit

For more about Pastel please, see Pastel Rao.

You can't have a relationship with Pastel in Horse Hall but you can get a kiss, if you send her a valentine she pops up later and sprays you with perfume and asks you to kiss her.