R: Red, B: Blue, G: Green, Bk: Black, W: White

Combination Spells
Sacrifice (G 15, W 30): Cost 1 Mana. Caster expends life energy in order to gain magical energy.
Drain Magic (B 65, W 30): Cost 1 mana. Steal a small amount of magical energy from target.
Farspeak (B 20, W 15): Cost 7 Mana. Communicate with willing subject in nearby known location.
Poison (G 25, Bk 30): Cost 15 Mana. Alters substances within a living body, causing ongoing damage and pain.
Transfer Charm (B 35, Bk 35): Cost 15 Mana. Move an enchantment from one object to another.
Ground Spell (B 35, W 35): Cost 15 Mana. Interrupts target's casting to redirect their spell at the ground.
Burn Magic (R 20, B 65): Cost 20 Mana. Transmutes the targets magical energy into heat causing damage.
Sleep (G 25, W 35): Cost 25 Mana. Causes living creature to fall asleep.
Televoke (B 40, Bk 50): Cost 25 Mana. Triggers simple delayed effects and traps in a known area.
Telepyre (R 45, B 20): Cost 30 Mana. Causes flames to erupt in a nearby known location.
Anti-Magic Field (B 70, W 30): Cost 30 Mana. Prevent new spells from being cast in a square for a limited time.
Fire Trap (R 45, Bk 55): Cost 35 Mana. Target exit will explode in flames when walked through.
Mindstorm (R 50, W 50): Cost 35 Mana. Target is temporarily incapacitated with pain and terror.
Mind Wall (B 50, W 50): Cost 10 Mana. Target is temporarily protected against mental attacks.
Wrong Way (Bk 55, W 40): Cost 20 Mana. Next attempt to use this exit will instead move in randomly-chosen
Sticky Feet (G 55, Bk 35): Cost 20 Mana. Glues the target's feet (and shoes) to the ground, preventing movement.

Regular Spells (Organized by Mana Cost)

Breeze: Cost 1 Mana. Moves air around the caster's current square, creating a gentle breeze.
Warm: Cost 3 Mana. Add heat to the caster's current square, raising the temperature slightly.
Spark: Cost 3 Mana. A spark strikes the target, which may catch fire if it's something likely to burn.
Push Object: Cost 5 Mana. Shove a target one square in the direction indicated by the caster.
Slash: Cost 10 Mana. A sharp blow to the target causes focused damage.
Crush: Cost 15 Mana. Force pushes in around the target from all sides, causing damage
Blast: Cost 20 Mana. An explosive force causes damage to the target and may knock nearby targets back.
Lightning: Cost 20 Mana. A blast of energy strikes the nearest large target in a chosen direction.
Flames: Cost 25 Mana. A burst of fire damages everything in the area.
Freeze: Cost 25 Mana. Draws energy out of a target. Causes damage, blocks movement, and may interrupt spells.
Force Push: Cost 25 Mana. Shove a target multiple squares away, causing damage if it strikes a blockade.
Shockwave: Cost 40 Mana. A wave of energy damages and pushes away all objects in the square.

Light: Cost 1 Mana. A gentle glow improves visibility in the caster's location
Farsight : Cost 1 Mana. Allows the caster to view a nearby known location
Silence : Cost 2 Mana. A single target is rendered temporarily noiseless.
Truesight : Cost 2 Mana. Allows the caster to see through illusions in the current location
Darkness: Cost 5 Mana. Completely removes visibility in the caster's location.
Reflection: Cost 15 Mana. Interrupts a spell being cast to reflect it onto its caster.
Teleport Other: Cost 15 Mana. Relocate an object or entity to a nearby known location.
Teleport Self: Cost 20 Mana. Relocate caster to a nearby known location.
Dispersion: Cost 20 Mana. Sacrifices some of the caster's magic, causing a target to lose magic similarly.
Disruption: Cost 25 Mana. Interrupts the casting of a spell, causing it to fizzle.
Cloak: Cost 25 mana. Caster alters eir visual projections, becoming difficult to see for a short period of time.
Shield: Cost 30 mana. While effect lasts, caster cannot be affected by other spells.

Diagnosis: Cost 1 Mana. Determines the current state of health of a living target and locates ailments and injuries.
Track Scent: Cost 1 Mana. Allows the caster to trace creatures that have recently passed through an area.
Heal: Cost 5 Mana. Cures minor injuries and ailements.
Boost Strength: Cost 10 Mana. Focuses the caster's life energy to temporarily increase physical strength.
Sicken: Cost 10 Mana. Distorts the target's life energy, causing weakness and pain.
Blind: Cost 10 Mana. Target is temporarily unable to see.
Slow: Cost 15 Mana. Causes the target's body to become sluggish, slowing their movement temporarily.
Entangle: Cost 20 Mana. Causes any non-sentient plantlife in the area to twine around target, trapping it.
Thick Hide: Cost 20 mana. For a limited time, all damage done to target is automatically reduced.
Stagger: Cost 30 Mana. Target is overwhelmed with dizziness, interrupting a current action.
Regeneration: Cost 30 mana. For a limited time, target automatically heals damage.

Inspection: Cost 1 Mana. Detects weak points and hidden details within one target object.
Inscription: Cost 1 Mana.Write or remove words from a target object.
Detect Charm: Cost 3 Mana. Detects objects that have been enchanted in character's current location.
Trigger: Cost 5 Mana. Sets off simple delayed effects or traps within the caster's current location. Can be dangerous!
Enchant Object: Cost 10 Mana. Infuses an object with a basic undercurrent of magic.
Seal: Cost 10 Mana. Fixes objects in place or fuses them shut.
Open: Cost 10 Mana. Unlocks and opens doors or other objects that are designed to open and close.
Diamond: Cost 15 Mana. Makes an object highly resistant to damage for a short time. [Gained Bl 80]
Fracture: Cost 15 Mana. Damages the integrity of objects, possibly shattering them.
Stoneshape: Cost 20 Mana. Rearranges a small amount of stone into a new configuration.
Dig: Cost 25 Mana. Creates a passage in the desired direction. Cost depends on amount dug. [Gained Bl 100]
Dispel Object: Cost 25 Mana. Removes an enchantment from target object.

Spirit Sight: Cost 1 Mana. Detects nearby sentients, including ghosts and creatures of the Otherworld.
Tap the Flow: Cost 1 Mana. Draw energy from the Otherworld to recharge mana supply
Empathy: Cost 3 Mana. Reveals the emotional state of a target.
Communication: Cost 5 Mana. Allows the caster to communicate understandably with a willing target.
Spirit Echoes: Cost 5 Mana. Can reveal impressions left on a target by strong emotions in the past.
Forewarned: Cost 10 Mana. While active, the caster knows what everyone else is about to do.
Awareness: Cost 10 Mana. Expands caster's mind to visualise nearby locations, marking them known.
Ward: Cost 10 mana. While the ward lasts, other sentient creatures will not enter the target square.
Call: Cost 15 Mana. Cause creatures in the surrounding physical area to be drawn to the caster
Distraction: Cost 15 Mana. Causes a target to be temporarily confused, forgetting to act in the following moment.
Fear: Cost 20 Mana. Causes a target to feel terror and wish to leave the caster's presence.
Find Spirits: Cost 30 mana. The caster becomes aware of sentient creatures in the area.

Experience required for each spell
Red Blue Green Black White
5 Breeze Light Diagnosis Inspection Spirit Sight
7 Push Object Silence Track Scent Inscription Empathy
10 Warm Truesight Heal Trigger Communication
15 Spark Farsight Boost Strength Detect Charm Awareness
20 Slash Darkness Sicken Open Spirit Echoes
25 Blast Teleport Other Slow Seal Tap the Flow
30 Crush Teleport Self Blind Stoneshape Distraction
40 Flames Disruption Stagger Fracture Fear
50 Freeze Dispersion Entangle Enchant Object Call
60 Lightning Reflection Drain Life Dispel Object Forewarned
80 Force Push Cloak Thick Hide Diamond Find Spirits
100 Shockwave Shield Regeneration Dig Ward
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