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Suki Sato is a freshman in Iris Academy in Snake Hall. She's a rather strange one. If she runs for President in the Student Council she'll make a speech about a lizard turning into a snake and say that the spirits (some of them, anyway) say that she had to run for President. She seems to have some strange dreams, if her hallmates Barbara and Raven didn't want her sharing her dream in the New Years bonfire are any indication. She's also most likely the one who made the banner that said "Save the Dragons", though what exactly you're supposed to be saving them from was never elaborated.

In detention after the fourth exam she tell you that K'wump (the Hodag) was afraid of the light, and she wanted to help him. She also tells you she doesn't believe in monsters, and spends her detention drawing pictures.

It seems that she's well known for her spouting off confusing nonsense, with the largely magically ignorant PC knowing that she's not supposed to believe anything that Suki says.

She seems to have a strong affinity for White or Green Magic, if what she says are any indication of her magical talent, though she hasn't been shown using any spells in-game.