Magical Diary Wiki

Colour: Blue

Learned at: skill level 25

Cost: 15 mana

Description: Allows the caster to relocate an object or entity to a nearby known location.

Uses: Exam 2 - October 25th Use it to teleport the stone bridge. Make sure it faces North, otherwise it wont be over the gap, and you'll have to move it again.

Exam 4 - January 10th Teleport the Hodag out of the way. It's safest to teleport it as far as possible. If you want the +5 merits for "no violence" (meaning neither you nor the Hodag are injured) be sure to explore to the east or west first, as encountering the Hodag then running from it will most likely result in you getting hurt and the Hodag will probably chase you anyway.

Exam 6 - March 14th You can cast this on you opponent to teleport him behind you, but it's a costly way of doing it and there are better spells.