Magical Diary Wiki

Colour: Blue

Learned at: 10

Cost: 2 mana

Description: Allows caster to see through illusions in the current location.

Uses: Exam 3 - December 2nd One of the walls is an illusion, hiding the way out. It is possible to find the exit by casting Truesight at every wall until you find the right one, meaning you might run out of mana before finding the exit, so saving before hand is wise.

Exam 5 - February 7th Wander around until to run into the Manus and cast Truesight. You gain +5 merits for "seeing through [their] little trick" in addition to the +5 merits you gain from escaping the dungeon.

Exam 7 - April 29th Casting this allows you to avoid the traps on Viginia's route when going with Ellen's idea.