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Marael Marael 11 August 2012

Hieronymous Grabiner: Shotgun wedding

Having replayed this game numerous times I have come to wonder about the choices in romantic partners in this game. A bad boy who breaks people's hearts and (apparently) changes with the power of love? Check. A mischevious kid who plays pranks and likes to throw water balloons at people? Check again. An older, grumpy man who's also more cultured and intelligent than most of the world's population? Check please!

Speaking of grumpy old men, what's up with Hieronymous anyway? And who on Earth names their children Hieronymous nowadays? Well, okay, some parents would in Greece and Germany apparently, but what British father would name their children that? The family name Grabiner, though unfortunate, can be excused seeing as it is a surname, but …

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Marael Marael 11 August 2012

Damien Ramsey: Romantic or abusive?

I've replayed this game at least 17 times, twice in which I ended up with Damien in the end, twice where he got angry with me and said I had to chose between him and the other person, twice where I told him we couldn't be friends and once where I ended up losing all of my magic because I decided to speak to Professor Potsdam about letting him come back to the academy and once where I ended up mistakenly married to Professor Grabiner and he says that someone else has "taken the prize".

Every time I tell him I made plans with someone else at that crucial point where he confesses that he loves me he forcibly demands that I drop them and whoever else I was dating. He tries to take all of my magic, and one of the endings with him ends up with my…

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