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"But enough about boys! What sports do you play? What do you like?"
—Virginia talking to Ellen and the player.

Virginia is one of your heroine's roommates. She has a dream of becoming a star athlete, and is one of the game's Romance Options. Her path can also be pursued as friends-only for those not interested in romancing her.


Virginia has two older brothers, William and Donald. She has a bit of an issue about having to chose between her family or her dream of becoming a star athlete, having been born magical but if you speak with her she resolves it by the beginning of the second semester. She also seems to really dislike her brother Donald, Jacob Blaising and the possibility of Balthasar Brundrick from Toad Hall having a crush on her.


She likes sweets, playing sports (her favorite's soccer) and being so enthusiastic about it that she decides to make a sports club in Iris Academy. She's got quite the appetite, apparently able to finish a large pile of cookies and other junk food within a week, and likes apple pie. She's rather strange, kicking Donald's butt for putting a toad in her bed because it looked like it was uncomfortable there. She seems to talk in her sleep often, and will wake up the player's character early on in the year with her mumbling, which NEVER makes any sense, no matter what it is she says. Despite being a total tomboy she loves gossip and is apparently friends with several girls in Butterfly Hall. Also, if you decide to pursue her romantically you'll see her putting on make-up and she's rather shy when it comes to physical intimacy of any sort. She's also rather adamant about having either you or Ellen run for Treasurer, going so far as to make plans with William for him to help you on your campaign and even helping either of you when the campaign gets under way.


She prefers to make a big explosion with her magic, Red magic in particular, and enjoys the exams, especially if there are monsters to fight against.

Virginia Danson Kiss

How to date her (tips and spoilers)[]

  • Raise your smart and weird stats to 30 or higher
  • When Ellen is looking through Virginia's things, get Virginia, do not accuse Ellen of stealing underwear
  • When Discussing Damien, ask if Demons are real
  • When someone attempts to disrupt the Sports Club, side with Virginia. Attend Gym class the next day for an additional scene.
  • Think of her during the Christmas event
  • Go to the gym often
  • After the fire in Falcon hall, do not say you suspect her
  • Send her a funny valentine
  • Tell her that you'll wait for her to want to do it with you