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At the end of the year, provided the Horse Hall PC hasn't been expelled, you are given a yearbook page that can be uploaded to the internet. This includes a picture of the PC, her stats, and a section for "Most Likely To," "Possible Future Career," and quotes that other characters have written in her yearbook.

"Most Likely To"[]

There are a variety of things the Horse Hall PC can be voted "Most Likely To," which appear to come from a variety of in-game choices.

Most likely to go regimental - If your underwear gets stolen?

Most likely to pick up hot food without gloves - Plead Damien's case

Most likely to be secretly engaged - Complete Damien's romance without pleading his case at the end (but do wear the ring)

Most likely to sneak into the boys' bathroom - Appears to be tied to Donald's path, but specific conditions unknown

Most likely to be a closet furry - Appears to be tied to either kissing or carrying around the bunny (possibly both)

Most likely to take naughty pictures of herself - Appears to be tied to Ellen's path, but specific conditions unknown

Most likely to offend the fashion police - May be tied to wearing the protective gear?

Most likely to overthrow the government - Refuse to take part in initiation

Most likely to be the first in the class to get divorced - Marry Grabiner but don't end the game on his path

Most likely to get spaghetti sauce on her forehead - Trying to eat the whole apple pie?

Most likely to start a new dance craze - Something to do with Virginia's path

Most likely to have great legs - High Cute score

Most likely to run wild - Default if you don't qualify for anything else

Most likely to steal someone's underwear - Accuse Ellen of stealing Virginia's panties in week 1

Most likely to marry a teacher - Possibly expressing interest in Grabiner but then not marrying him or ending up on someone else's path? Might also be related to high smarts.

Most likely to become an evil dictator - Might be related to giving mad speeches while running for President?

Most likely to sleep on a pile of gold - End the game with a lot of money left?

Most likely to wrestle a bear - High strength?

Most likely to sleep through life - Sleep through the first week of classes and get detention

Most likely to poison someone's coffee - Join the Rose and Wasp

Possible Future Careers[]

The "Possible Future Career" for the Horse Hall PC is based on a combination of her romance/best friend, her highest magic skill, and whether her merits are positive or negative. Zero merits counts as positive. If multiple magic scores are tied for highest, White takes priority, followed by Black, then Green, then Blue. It should be noted that according to Hanako, these were intended to be something chosen by the PC's classmates rather than indicative of the PC's actual future.

The possible careers are:

Damien Romance
Positive Merits Negative Merits
Red Magical Militia Arsonist
Blue Diplomat Plotting World Domination
Green Healer Foster Parent
Black Jeweler Pastry Chef
White Otherworld Agent Cultist
Donald Romance/Best Friend
Positive Merits Negative Merits
Red Fire-Dancer Deconstruction Worker
Blue Experimental Musician Clown
Green Jirsey Farmer Tentacle Plant Caretaker
Black Trumpet-Maker Kazoo-Maker
White Popularity Expert Dog-Whisperer
Ellen Romance/Best Friend
Positive Merits Negative Merits
Red Alchemist Crucible-Tender
Blue Impossible Architecture Dreamweaver
Green Exercise Trainer Tree-Hugger
Black Puzzle-Crafter Rock-Breaker
White Meditation Guru

Hazy Visionary

Grabiner Romance/Best Friend
Positive Merits Negative Merits
Red Duel Instructor ?
Blue Researcher ?
Green Miniature Gardener ?
Black Memory Collector ?
White Expert Warder ?
Virginia Romance/Best Friend
Positive Merits Negative Merits
Red Flying Basketball Player Dungeon Raider
Blue Map-Maker Tunnel Digger
Green Dragon Tamer Masseuse
Black Swordsmith Locksmith
White Ghost Mopper Spy
No Romance/Best Friend
Positive Merits Negative Merits
Red Storm Chaser Box-Pusher
Blue World Traveler Cat Burgler
Green Breeding Rare Moths Herding Cats
Black Brewer Forger
White Linguist Con Artist